Bioacoustic Monitoring

In addition to our traditional Breeding Birds and Protected Species surveys, we are pleased to announce the introduction of a new and exciting service “Bioacoustic Monitoring”.  An alternative methodology, which is much more innovative, robust and cost-effective than many current established survey techniques. 


Animals use sound for communication, echolocation, display, and territorial defense, and bioacoustic monitoring involves the recording of those sounds to infer animal distribution, physiological state, abundance, and behaviour.

Increasing the Quality of Recorded Data, Bioacoustic monitoring is now recognised as a respected method of ecological investigation, which can be deployed to either replace or enhance current survey practices by increasing the quality of the data collected or can be used in concurrence.  Bioacoustic monitoring is particularly useful for developing long-term, permanent datasets that can be independently reviewed and replicated, particularly for rare species with low detectability, or when working in difficult environments.

We are introducing Bioacoustic monitoring using state of the art Recording Equipment, based largely upon our observations and experiences gained, whilst undertaking traditional bird & protected species surveys, as a means of optimising survey results and obtaining meaningful/representative survey data, with diminished observer subjectivity and bias.

Subsequently, we are able to provide a service to our clients, that delivers a greater consistency in data collection and quality assurance. Also, the ability to recurrently listen to and re-analyse the data, long term data capture and storage.

Bioacoustic Recorders are designed for a wide array of protected species surveys including Birds, Bats and other Mammal species, Amphibians & Invertebrates. If an animal produces a predefined noise, we can survey for it!


Appropriate for a wide range of habitats including woodland, forestry plantations, agricultural and open heathland/moorland, etc. as well as being particularly appropriate for Sensitive Species surveys, with less human disturbance, as the recorders can be left in the field unattended for long periods.

Health & Safety - reduce the number of visits to remote locations and avoids night-time working.


Given the survey data produced is more robust than data obtained from many traditional survey techniques, it is ideally suitable for inclusion within Environmental Impact Assessments and Pre / Post Construction monitoring requirements, as well as Conservation projects, etc.  

Autumn Dawn Chorus.mp3Autumn Dawn Chorus
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Tawny Owl.mp3Tawny Owl
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Greylag Geese .mp3Skein of Greylag Geese
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Soprano pipistrelle with echolocation anSoprano pipistrelle with echolocation and social calls
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Please contact us for further information on how we can assist your project or arrange a  no-obligation demonstration.  

Tel. 01847 851469

We have uploaded a number of our Bioacoustic recordings for you to listen to, more will be uploaded periodically. Several of the accompanying sonograms are displayed at the top of this page. 

Note, the original recordings were made using a high-quality WAV format; however, the files had to be converted to an MP3 format prior to uploading to the website.

Red Deer Stag Roaring.mp3Red Deer Stag Roaring
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