Bird Surveys

What We Do


At Northern Insight Ecology, we possess a wide range of experience in relation to bird surveys, ranging from Breeding Bird surveys to Schedule 1 (WCA) species surveys; namely, Red-throated Divers. 

Types of Bird Surveys


  • Bird Survey and Assessment
  • Vantage point survey
  • Breeding bird survey (Common Bird Census, BBS)
  • Nesting bird checks on development sites
  • Nest locating
  • Wintering bird surveys
  • Pre-construction surveys and post construction monitoring


All wild birds in Scotland are given protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended). Some more rare, threatened or vulnerable species are given extra protection, for instance against disturbance during the breeding season. ​It’s an offence to possess wild birds, bird parts or eggs, unless the item was killed or taken legally.

It’s not possible to license for the purpose of development actions that would otherwise be an offence in relation to wild birds. Most development works are unlikely to result in the intentional or reckless killing of wild birds. But if carried out during the breeding season, such works could disturb nesting Schedule 1 bird species or damage or destroy their nests or eggs.

As there’s no development licensing purpose for wild birds, any development that could result in these actions shouldn’t proceed until the breeding season is over for these species. The nests / nest sites of Schedules 1A and A1 bird species are protected all year round. Birds of Schedule 1A species are also protected from harassment.                              (Source: Scottish Natural Heritage).